Best Kitchen Faucet Product Reviews For 2020

The kitchen is a very important part of the house where most traffic occurs. Believe it or not, the kitchen faucet is the most commonly used thing in the kitchen. From simply getting a glass of drinking water to filling the tea pot, we can’t really imagine a house without any. In fact, an average family typically turns on the tap more than 30 times per day. Thus, investing on the best kitchen faucet is really important if you want it to last for years or even decades. This guide reveals our top 6 products as well as the top 5 kitchen faucet brands on the market. It also includes our tips on how you can choose the best kitchen faucet. So, read on.

6 Best Selling Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2020


Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST Leland Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O (Editor’s Choice)

This Editor’s Choice uses an Intuitive Touch2O Technology that can sense the difference between a grab and a touch. This prevents activating its feature by accident to save water and energy. You can even open and close it without using your dirty hands. Simply touch it on or off with your arm, elbow, or the back of your palm. Unlike the older versions of its kind, it flashes an LED light that alerts you about its water temperature. Thus, you won’t have to jump back in surprise when you’re welcomed by too hot or cold water. It is DIAMOND Seal Technology also makes it easier to install, reduces its leak points, and make it last longer than standard kitchen faucet

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 9.2 x 4.8 x 15.4 inches with deck mounted installation
  • Touch2O Technology starts and stops the flow of water once touched anywhere on its handle or spout
  • LED light signals turn blue when its touch mode is active then red when the batteries are low
  • Automatic water flow turns off after 4 minutes to save water
  • Integrated TempSense LED light displays the water temperature from blue to magenta to red as temperature increase
  • Runs using 6 AA batteries with up to 2 years battery life or 6 C with up to 5 years battery life
  • MagnaTite Docking holds its faucet spray into its place and function with 1.8 GPM

When it comes to providing convenience, we definitely recommend this. It has 1 or 3-hole installation options and state-of-the-art technology that gives cool features. Touch it on and touch it off, this is the best way to prevent making a mess without using our hands. Its concentrated jet powers can even deal with stubborn mess/dirt on or around the sink.


  • Keeps your faucet cleaner and hassle-free to clean
  • Helps conserve water with its advanced features
  • Includes 6 AA batteries and all installation tools in a box
  • Easy to install and reduced leak points to last longer
  • Swivels 360° with high arc and pull-down style


  • Its sprays too close to the sink’s front side which causes a lot of water splashes
  • Doesn’t allow a mix of cold and hot to get warm water

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Delta Faucet 21996LF Windemere Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet, Chrome (Budget Pick)

Perfect as the Budget Pick model, this kitchen faucet is a must have if you’re stuck with a small budget. In less than $70, you can already get a high-quality product from Delta that can last for many years. It has a control mechanism that includes a rotating cylinder type. It also has a stainless steel plate that rotates up to 90° and replaceable non-metallic seats. It uses a .5 inch – 14 NPSM threaded male inlet shanks and interchangeable hot and cold faucet reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 11.6 x 9.7 x 15.5 inches with deck mounted installation
  • Maximum flow rate 1.8 GPM, 60 PSI, 6.8 L/m, 414 kPa
  • 2.5 inches minimum clearance from the wall allows it to keep the backsplash into a minimum amount
  • Plastic material with polished chrome finish gives it a blend of traditional and classic style
  • Standard spout has a 360° swivel design that can work with multiple bowl sinks
  • 4-hole with 8 inches between its hole centers fits perfect in 4-hole sinks
  • Metal lever handles with ¼ turn stops connects to a .375 inches water supply connection

For those who like the sleek and shiny finish of chrome, we recommend this Delta faucet with a chrome finish. Aside from being stylish, it’s also affordable and hassle-free to install. It even includes a long hose that provides an impressive reach whether it is installed in a single, double, or triple-bowl sink.


  • Includes a convenient side sprayer attachment
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Both hot and cold items can be swapped
  • Compliant with 0.25% weighted average Pb content regulations


  • The radius of its faucet is a little smaller than other models
  • The valves don’t offer adjustments other than On and Off

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Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Spot Resist Stainless One-Handle High Arc MotionSense Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Moen has come a long way in the industry providing faucets that are designed to perfection. Its curve spout and flair handle give it a transitional look. It has a single-hole that provides a clean look on any custom countertops. Moreover, it uses a Reflex system that allows it to run smoothly with easy movements. Its pull-down faucet provides flexible water supply and a hose easily retracts back into its place with ease. Thus, it can be a great choice when it comes to replacing your old kitchen faucet without ruining its concept.

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 8.5 x 10.2 x 15.5 inches with a single-hole deck mount
  • MotionSense allows a hands-free experience with a simple hand movement to turn on the tap
  • Spot Resist stainless finish gives it a cleaner look by keeping it free from water spots and fingerprints
  • Power Clean Technology provides more power that is 50% stronger than other pull-downs/pull-out spray faucets
  • Reflex System guarantees smooth operation and secure docking for pull-down/pull-out spray head
  • Duralock connect system allows a quick and easy installation process
  • One-handle lever allows you to adjust its water flow with a maximum of 1.5 GPM

Designed for a quick and fast installation, we consider this model as an advanced yet hassle-free to operate kitchen faucet. We recommend this to those with 1 or 3-hole sinks and in need of a faucet with a built-in spray head. But what we really like about this model is its spray head that can automatically retract on its own. Its spray settings are also easy to change with one click of a button.


  • Includes 6 AA batteries
  • Provides a pause function that lets you turn off the faucet
  • Offers a powerful rinse that is great for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Aerated stream works great for regular cleaning


  • Too expensive
  • Doesn’t work without a source of electricity
  • Leaks develop in the spray hose after a few years of use

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Kraus KPF-1650 Nola Single Lever Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

If you have traditional or a modern kitchen, this Kraus kitchen faucet is worth a shot. It has a high arc and open coil spout with a stylish spray head that gives it a unique visual appeal. Its flat lever also adds to its minimalist design while keeping the water’s temperature and flow running smoothly. It also includes an optional deck plate that has 1-inch 3-hole installation.

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 8.63 x 7.25 x 26.25 inches with stainless steel color and commercial style
  • Corrosion and rust-free finish coats its lead-free all metal construction
  • Single-lever controls its water flow with 1.8 GPM maximum flow rate
  • High-performance low flow aerator conserves water without decreasing its pressure
  • Magnetic docking keeps its flexible spout into its place
  • Dual-function sprayer allows you to switch between its aerated stream and powerful spray


  • Uses rubber nozzles that are hassle-free to clean
  • Prevents the build-up of hard water
  • Prevents creating splashes around or behind the sink
  • Durable and functional


  • The plastic hose may fail sooner than its other parts
  • The water pressure lowers down over time

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Moen 7294SRS Arbor Spot Resist Stainless One-Handle High Arc Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

As expected from Moen, this model comes in a very sleek look and advanced features. Its flexible hose extends and retracts easily to offer convenience. Just like the previous Moen model, you can also pause it to prevent wasting water. It’s also ADA, ab1953 and s152 legislation compliant. Thus, you can assure yourself that it’s made with quality to provide efficient performance.

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 24.8 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches with a single-hole deck mount
  • Spot Resist stainless steel keeps it free from fingerprints and water spots
  • Power Clean Technology makes its spray 50% more powerful than other pull-out and pull-down faucets
  • Duralock connection system makes it easier and faster to install
  • One-handle lever provides a water adjustment option


  • Remains in its pristine look even after years of use
  • Perfect for heavy-duty cleaning regularly
  • Compatible to most sinks and countertops
  • Offers a better water supply with a flexible hose


  • The actual flow rate is a little low and inefficient for removing stubborn dirt
  • Feels cheap with all its plastic parts

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Delta Faucet 21996LF-OB Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet, Oil Bronze

Complete with style, awesome features, and fine details, this Delta Faucet is one of the best 4-hole models out there. It has a high arc that you can rotate in full 360°. It also includes a side sprayer that gets rid of those stubborn messes in and around it. You can easily pull and retract it back to its place once you’re done.

Features and Specifications:

  • Measures 11.6 x 9.7 x 15.5 inches with deck mounted installation
  • Produces water with 1.80 GPM, 60 psi, 6.8 L/min, 414 kPa
  • Convenient side sprayer can fill an extra hole for those with 4-hole sinks
  • Standard spout swivels up to 360° to offer additional convenience when used on single, double, or triple-bowl sinks
  • Metal construction ensures its durability and longer lifespan


  • Compatible with single to triple-bowl sinks
  • Swivels in full circle to provide convenience and versatility
  • Powerful spray head makes it easier to spray away dirt with enough pressure


  • The faucet knocks a little inside whenever water hits its aerator
  • The water flow is restricted

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5 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Getting that perfect kitchen look may seem a little bit hard but it’s actually a fun task. However, it’s worth remembering that your final decision may make or break the entire concept of your kitchen. In this case, it is best to know the top brands that you can rely on when it comes to kitchen faucets. The best brands always something for every customer whether you want a traditional, modern, or transitional style. So, these are the top 5 brands that most customers go to when shopping for their kitchen faucet:

  • Delta

All the way from Birmingham, Alabama Delta is the Southern Living Test Kitchen’s official faucet brand. It is the brand behind the Touch2O Technology that can be found in all of Delta’s 4 kitchen spaces. For more than 50 years, this brand continues to create and introduce new home innovation for every kitchen. Another solution innovation that Delta introduced to the market includes the MagnaTite Docking and H2Okinetic Technologies. The brand also offers features that ordinary kitchen faucets don’t have like turning the tap by tapping it with your elbow.

  • Moen

Another popular brand, Moen has dedicated its existence into designing and delivering products that are highly durable. This led Moen to becoming a global brand that customers seek when it comes to sinks, faucets, bidet, and more. But before reaching the spotlight, the brand’s history goes back in 1937 when the young Al Moen started his invention. In 1939, Moen finished his invention which is a single-handle faucet then started manufacturing it in 1947. Over the years, Moen has provided lots of innovations and over 75 patents. Moen also gained national recognition for supplying single-handle faucets the first pre-fabricated kitchens for Hotpoint. Now the brand offers faucets with MotionSense which allow a hands-free experience.

  • Kraus

With the goal to create a positive impact that can change people’s lives, Kraus pushed into boundaries to succeed. Kraus design and create an outstanding experience whenever you’re around your kitchen or bathroom. Established in 2007, the brand entered the market with its sleek, modern, and high-grade products that are very affordable. Headquartered in Port Washington, New York, the brand has succeeded in reaching the global market in just a short period. Now, Kraus operate multiple facilities on the East and West coasts with combined warehouse space that’s more than 100,000 ft². Thus, these facilities allow Kraus to produce efficient products with hygienic and easy to clean components that are eco-friendly.

  • American Standard

For over 140 years of service, American Standard has already proved its worth to customers more than you can imagine. Ever since American Standard was founded in 1875, it now operates in 50 countries and manages 50 production facilities. More than just a company that focuses on plumbing products and services, the brand’s name symbolizes its passion for innovation. As the leading North American company, American Standard excels in manufacturing top-of-the-line products like stylish faucets, sinks, and more. The company also provides a wide range of services that are exclusive for each residential and commercial customer.

  • Kohler

Since 1873, Kohler has been making a huge impact on its customers’ homes and lifestyles. The brand is hands-on when it comes to producing kitchen and bathroom products, engines and generators, and many more. In addition, Kohler provides solutions to contribute to community development in different parts of the world. From providing sanitation solutions to get benefit from clean water, the company strives to enhance the quality of living worldwide. Thus, Kohler and its 36,000 associates worldwide work together to offer the best designs, workmanship, and the latest inventions.


How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet?

We all want to have the best products whether we have a small budget or not. But that is quite hard to achieve sometimes if you are still new when it comes to being a keen shopper. After all, shopping also requires some skills sometimes. Whether it is your first time or not to buy this kind of product, this guide will come in handy. Besides, looks can be deceiving sometimes so, below are some of our tips when it comes to shopping for the best kitchen faucet:

  • Check the spout’s height and reach.

Not all faucets are designed with the same height and reach. Thus, it’s best to consider whether this matches your kitchen’s design. Clearly, it is not advisable to opt for a tall spout if you have a shelf or cabinet on top. At the same time, a spout that is too short isn’t advisable if you’re using a “triple-bowl” kitchen sink. It’s because the spout may not be able to reach all bowls on either side. Meanwhile, faucets with a short reach may cause water to splash behind the spout whenever you use it.

  • Opt for drip-free valves.

When it comes to ensuring a drip-free faucet, there are actually different types of valves to consider. Compression valves control the water flow with a rubber washer in double-handle faucets. Sleeve-cartridge valves contain all of its parts within a single unit that can be lifted easily. It is also easier to repair whether it is used in single or double-handle faucets. Ball valves, on the other hand, are for single-handle faucets only and usually include small parts that need careful assembly. Last but not least, the ceramic-disk valves are known as the best type which many plumbing experts recommend. Its disk turns on and off the tap depending on its ports’ alignment. It’s also affordable and hassle-free to replace after years of use.

  • Choose between single or double-handle faucets.

It’s true that a double-handle faucet adds style in your kitchen whether it has a transitional, traditional, or modern look. But if you prefer to look at the practical side, a single-handle faucet provides more advantages because it’s very convenient. It is very simple to use even if you need to adjust the water temperature. Moreover, you can save more time cleaning it compared with a double-handle faucet.

  • Count your sink’s holes.

This may not sink into other people’s mind but your sink’s holes actually matter. Those sinks that have a 3-hole design accommodate double-handle faucets. One-handle controls the cold water while the other controls the hot water. For those single-handle faucets, some units include a cover plate which hides your sink’s extra holes. If you no longer need a separate pull-out sprayer, you can replace its extra hole with a soap dispenser.

  • Ensure the materials’ finish and durability.

As mentioned above, don’t be fooled by the faucet’s appearance to avoid poor products. Some may look stylish and too shiny to be ignored but it might be one of those bogus products. In this case, be sure to make your faucet’s finish to your kitchen concept without overlooking its quality. By ensuring the product’s durability, look, and overall performance, you can make the most of your investment for many years.

  • Set your budget.

Clearly, you need to set your budget to avoid overspending. This can also help you avoid grabbing those cheap products that are hidden under huge discounts. Those products that cost less than your budget may be tempting so be sure to inspect it thoroughly first.


If you really want to make sure that the products you want are worth it, do your homework. Kitchen faucets come in different, shapes, sizes, and additional features. Some are too stylish while others keep things simple but very practical and convenient. Regardless, you can find the best kitchen faucet if you put its quality over everything else. This way, you can assure yourself that your faucet will be able to last for a lifetime without leaking problems. Furthermore, you can enjoy its beauty and features for longer before you need to buy for its replacement parts.

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